Pee, vomit and crap for the toilet

Lady Elaise pees into a big cup and commands our slavetoilet to drink all. After that I shit a pile ointo his mouth. With the chain whip and other cruel toys, we convince him to swallow all. Now Miss Jane shits into his mouth too. Lady Elaisa completes the mess and vomits onto the slave. Now he has enough food from us and it will take some time, until we can use him as a toilet again…

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Scatqueens – Fetter Scheisshaufen für den Toilettensklaven

Fetter Scheisshaufen für den Toilettensklaven

The new toilet for the Scatqueens is a the well known toilet slave. It is a special day for him. Without asking they are sitting on his face and pinching his nipples. Then both scatqueens are spitting in its mouth and even the snot from both ladies are landing in its mouth. The time has come that Lady Kimi shits a huge pile of shit into his mouth. Amazing Scat Movie!

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Scatqueens and the Scateater Day1 Part1 Movie Update: Scatqueens and the Scateater Day1 Part1

The perfect toilet slave for the two lovely Scatqueens is our Scateater. In the first part he gets his first big pile of shit in his mouth. But first of all the Scat Ladies spit at him and in its mouth roughly. They laugh as the toilet slave jerks and humiliate him totally. Incidentally, the Scatqueens now pull up their spit and spit it out with full force into the slaves mouth.
If there
any other toilet slave who think they can serve the Scatqueens and eat up completely their shit, should send an application out of our members area.

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The Power of Scatqueens Ladies P1

The Power of Scatqueens Ladies

Scatqueens-Berlin – Update

The Power of Scatqueens Ladies – Update

Such a big pile of shit is right now deep in its toilet mouth and stucks. Whats going on with my living toilet? Lady Amy sticks her feet in the pile of the shit and my toilet slave begins to lick clean, ok, and now he must bite off a pice of shit and chew, ok, and now swallow, ok, that goes. not bad, but now, whats going on, Lady Grace has to puke, open your toilet mouth quickly litte toilet slave.