Eat our Cornea Slave Cunt Scatpart p1

Humiliated and prepared is the slaves pussy ready to further be whipped and kicked. Today, the slave may also taste the earwax from the Scatqueens and of course the spit. Then Lady Kimi has to shit and piss. She pees through a funnel a fat load in his mouth and then fills the gap with a huge soft pile of shit a la Kimi. So delicious for toilet slaves.

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The Scat Dog Education P2

The shit floats in the piss in the dog bowl. The shit-eating dog kneels directly in front of it and gets the instruction of his Scatqueens to eat the shit like a dog from the bowl and drink the piss. Slowly he starts and actually manages to eat everything with a repulsive expression of face. When he thinks everything is ready, Lady Hanna comes back into the room and brings him his dessert. Two fresh sausages still warm, hahaha In harsh words, the slave dog is asked to eat the shit.

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The Shit Face P1

Update from Scatqueens-Berlin – Update

A new toilet slave has arrived and is assessed by the two Scatqueens Lady Hanna and Lady Domi. The slave is mocked and humiliated verbally. Lady Hanna pinches the new toilet slave in his nipples. From time to time the two Scatqueens spits in a cup and he may then swallow the slimy snot. Lady Domi spits additionally in its mouth. The two ladies are pretty rough today and they insult him extremely. After a while Lady Domi poops then on a silver platter. The toilet slave must lubricated the shit on a bun and eatit . The rest of the shit he has to eat with fork and knife, he stuffs the shit in his mouth and chews.



Scatqueens – Fetter Scheisshaufen für den Toilettensklaven

Fetter Scheisshaufen für den Toilettensklaven

The new toilet for the Scatqueens is a the well known toilet slave. It is a special day for him. Without asking they are sitting on his face and pinching his nipples. Then both scatqueens are spitting in its mouth and even the snot from both ladies are landing in its mouth. The time has come that Lady Kimi shits a huge pile of shit into his mouth. Amazing Scat Movie!

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Scatqueens – The Shiteater Comes too Late

scat_cats_der_scheissefresser_kommt_zu_spaet_p1 scat_cats_der_scheissefresser_kommt_zu_spaet_p2 Scat Cats - The Scateater Comes too Late

The Scatqueens are Angry because their shiteater comes too late this morning. That is a fatal error and the Scatqueens are beginning to fill up his shitty mouth with two big piles of shit and two hughe loeads of vomit. Swallow all you stupid pig.

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Scatqueens – Let me Eat your Shit

The pile of shit still is looking out of the mouth of the toilet slave. Now its time to chew and swallow. Finally Domi wants to poop. The second heap of shit is nice, soft and creamy. He can swallow without chewing. Both Mistresses still puke now in its mouth. Several times, the slave has to swallow the vomit. And now he licks up the snot from the tissues. Then he get a thick snot of Kimi. Wow, such a great booger she puts slowly on his tongue. Then he close his mouth to chew the booger, he enjoy the salty taste on his tongue. Highlight!!!

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Scatqueens and the Scateater Day1 Part1 Movie Update: Scatqueens and the Scateater Day1 Part1

The perfect toilet slave for the two lovely Scatqueens is our Scateater. In the first part he gets his first big pile of shit in his mouth. But first of all the Scat Ladies spit at him and in its mouth roughly. They laugh as the toilet slave jerks and humiliate him totally. Incidentally, the Scatqueens now pull up their spit and spit it out with full force into the slaves mouth.
If there
any other toilet slave who think they can serve the Scatqueens and eat up completely their shit, should send an application out of our members area.

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