Dessert of my Shit HD

Dessert of my shit HD

I have a slave who loves to eat dessert of my shit. Sometimes I like to smoke a cigar and little bit drink a good whiskey after hard day. Slaves enjoy watching how I eat or drink. Because then it is waiting for a great dessert of my ass. My toilet slave like when I give him a lot of scat, but before that I need to eat well. I shit in his mouth – he must eat all of my scat. Also, after I go to the toilet, the responsibility of the slave enters necessarily lick my ass clean.


My sweet shit

Mistress Margo

My toilet slut likes to kiss my beautiful legs. She loves to suck heels and shoes. I like to dominate the slave. I spit in his dirty mouth. He was happy to swallow my spits. So, then, my slut lays down on the floor and opens his mouth. I love to shit directly into the mouth of my slut. All mouth and face of a slave in my sweet shit. I wipe my ass and put the dirty toilet paper back to the slave’s mouth. So I use my slave as my toilet every day. I give to drink urine to my slave. He says thank me and said it was very tasty. Thus, possible. Now you want to take his place?

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