Three Bunches Part1

In a threesome we use this little looser as a Human Toilet. By the reason that we all had a big meal the evening before the portions got accordingly very gigantic. But shortly before he decided to eat each of our bunches. Let’s see if he will adhere to swallow everything like a good working Toilet.

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The Power of Scatqueens Ladies P1

The Power of Scatqueens Ladies

Scatqueens-Berlin – Update

The Power of Scatqueens Ladies – Update

Such a big pile of shit is right now deep in its toilet mouth and stucks. Whats going on with my living toilet? Lady Amy sticks her feet in the pile of the shit and my toilet slave begins to lick clean, ok, and now he must bite off a pice of shit and chew, ok, and now swallow, ok, that goes. not bad, but now, whats going on, Lady Grace has to puke, open your toilet mouth quickly litte toilet slave.