Tea and chocolate for the toilet slave

Tea and chocolate for the toilet slave. Toilet slave has to serve his Mistresses in any situation. This time Christina, Yana and Karina decided to have a tea party. The slave courted the girls, fulfilled all their whims and requests. Without embarrassment, they undressed before him, because they do not perceive him as a male. The slave can only admire their beautiful breasts, but he has no right to touch them. Mistresses did not want to be distracted on the toilet room. Therefore, they used a slave instead of the toilet. For him, they have prepared the special tea and the special chocolate. The first treat was from Christina. She had long wanted to piss, and filled the slave’s mouth by the powerful stream of urine. Then, the slave had a hard time again. Yana had diarrhea for several days. This time slave again had to eat Yana’s liquid and very nasty shit with vaginal discharge on top. He was nauseous, but he could handle it. Christina and Karina’s shit was not liquid. But Karina’s shit was very solid and hard to swallow. Toilet slave handled his duties. Providing girls with mouth for spitting, shitting and pissing is his main function in any situation.

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Swallow Yana’s shit was very difficult

Away from home, I missed my Mistresses a lot, and I really wanted to serve them as a toilet. When I returned, I called them and on the appointed day Mrs Christina, Yana and Karina invited me to their place. I was ready to kneel in front of them, listen their orders, receive slaps, swallow their spittles into my mouth, and I was ready to eat the shit of my Mistresses. The girls had not seen me for a long time, and they had well prepared. They gave me three portions of shit that I swallowed. The most difficult for me was crap of Mistress Yana. It was very hard to swallow her semi-fluid and very smelly diarrhea with vaginal discharge on the top. However, I coped with this.

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Toilet slave swallows Alina’s diarrhea

Toilet slave swallows Alina’s diarrhea. Today is a happy day in the life of a slave – today Alina smelly diarrhea! Alina punished the toilet slave with a porridge of smelly shit and makes her eat. Alina’s shit was so smelly that Alina restrained herself not to puke.

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Best explosive diarrhea with shit and fart from Alina

Best explosive diarrhea with shit and fart from Alina. Toilet slave prepared to swallow the crap .. But he did not expect that from the young and small hole, the ass of Alina, a river of stinking, poorly digested food, along with hard shit and female secretions, would flow into his mouth. There was a pungent smell of Alina’s stomach juice and shit of a two-day old standing in the toilet. Alina won again, and the toilet slave was defeated – he could not swallow her shit!

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Diarrhea, Diarrhea and Diarrhea again!

Toilet Humiliation

The best diarrhea session ever! Pictures say more than 1000 words! The ultimate kick for all diarrhea lover. A amazing Scat Femdom Humiliation Video with a explosion from diarrhea. My Ass explodes in his mouth and all over his face! You can hear the typical diarrhea fart. Music to the ears of a slave toilet. 🙂 The slave swallows gallons of my diarrhea and he must lick everything clean! Either I have a abdominal influenza or maybe I’ve just eaten something wrong and upset stomach. Anyway, now the slave must suffer!

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