Double morning treat for the toilet slave

Double morning treat for the toilet slave. Today the girls were very generous and fed me with their delicacies. The first I was saddled by Christina, she powerfully furred her heap into my mouth and face and powerfully pressed me down with her elastic ass. The shit came into my nose and my eyes, but Christina saddled me to the end. After using, Christina washed me and gave it to Yana. Yana filled my mouth with a sour-sweet shit saddled me. In the end, Yana ordered to clean lick the remains of shit from her ass.

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FAT Smelly Shit

Be my human toilet slave while I am playing my favourite game on the TV. Take this BIG FAT SHIT, smell it, kiss it and lick it – WORSHIP my SHIT slave!

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127. Shit for Breakfast

I dont have much time before work but I have to shit badly! My toilet slave is waiting for his breakfast under my toilet seat. After he kissed and licked clean my dirty feet he is able to lick my asshole and smell my farts. Yes, farts mean that his breakfast is done and coming very soon. – Open your fucking mouth slave and take that hot shit! He cant hold it all in his mouth because it is so big and smelly mmmm. But he cant waste it, my shit is very expansive indeed! I have some piss juice for him too! I really enjoy this but I am late for work so my ass must be clean! -Lick my asshole clean slave, I have to go after 5 minutes, do it now! He is a really good slave and after work, I will give him to lick my pussy if the house and my shoes are clean when I get back.

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Mistress Anna – Facesitting Toilet Boy

They say you have to be cruel to be kind, but sometimes you also have to be kind to be cruel. Here I give the slave pleasure with my hands and vibrator but only to more deeply enslave it to my ass and shit, conditioning it to associate pleasure with serving me as a toilet, warping its sexual desire for me as a woman into the need to be humiliated and degraded. There is symbolism in clothing. The fact that my dress is open to show my magnificent ass tells you immediately that the only thing I am here for is to use you as a TOILET. This means I can sit on the toilet slave’s face and accept the loser’s worshiping tongue in one graceful motion without having to adjust my clothes. After greeting my slave with a kick to the balls I take my seat over its face where it immediately begins worshiping my asshole…


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The SHITTIEST moments from 13 of my HOTTEST clips, including 3 never before seen SOLO SCAT clips thrown into one. Mouth fulls, nose fulls…

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Dessert of my Shit HD

Dessert of my shit HD

I have a slave who loves to eat dessert of my shit. Sometimes I like to smoke a cigar and little bit drink a good whiskey after hard day. Slaves enjoy watching how I eat or drink. Because then it is waiting for a great dessert of my ass. My toilet slave like when I give him a lot of scat, but before that I need to eat well. I shit in his mouth – he must eat all of my scat. Also, after I go to the toilet, the responsibility of the slave enters necessarily lick my ass clean.


My sweet shit

Mistress Margo

My toilet slut likes to kiss my beautiful legs. She loves to suck heels and shoes. I like to dominate the slave. I spit in his dirty mouth. He was happy to swallow my spits. So, then, my slut lays down on the floor and opens his mouth. I love to shit directly into the mouth of my slut. All mouth and face of a slave in my sweet shit. I wipe my ass and put the dirty toilet paper back to the slave’s mouth. So I use my slave as my toilet every day. I give to drink urine to my slave. He says thank me and said it was very tasty. Thus, possible. Now you want to take his place?

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MistressAnna – Nasty Farts And Shit

Mistress Anna Toilet

Must watch video ! This video begins with extreme doggy style farting POV in leather pants. There is a symphony of fart sounds from my ass as you imagine yourself receiving these treasures. My laughing face is visible in an inset so you can imagine the contempt I feel for you weakness for my beauty. Then the scene switches to my slave, already waiting under the toilet where he belongs, as I walk into view dressed only in red panties and high heeled shoes. You get to hear me sigh and moan with pleasure as my slave prepares my asshole with its dutiful kisses and tongue worship. Of course, no matter how hard it tries I always enjoy its suffering so I whip its balls to hear its desperate cries. It is like a baby lamb licking so intently as my bare feet alternately fondle, tease and torture its balls. Finally, as my the asshole becomes engorged with blood and grows larger the slave it all the way in my asshole with its tongue until finally it is rewarded with my delicious shit. I all it to clean my asshole from the same position. Then I get up, now fully naked except for my high heeled shoes, and order the slave to get on its hands and knees to eat my holy shit from the floor. Of course, I start whipping the slave and it begs, “Please stop”, though to no avail. I walk from one side to the other so you get to see my pussy and my ass as I amuse myself. The sunlight shows you my perfect skin and glints off the smooth curve of my firm ass cheeks and the full, luscious lips of my perfect pussy. you will be tempted to imagine being a man, though you are only a TOILET. I laugh as it whimpers as I would laugh at your tiny dick if you were MY TOIELT! The last scene is of my slave trying to eat my shit off the floor. Imagine if you were so lucky.

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Schoolgirl’s newest ass bitch – Mr. Bailey

Mandy Flores Movie Update: Schoolgirl's newest ass bitch - Mr. Bailey

FEATURING: slaveray I have my teacher now ass humiliated and he?s about to get his first experience as my toilet bitch. In the bathroom I have set up a toilet where he will lay down under the bowl. This is his life now, serving me as my toilet. The view is amazing and so will be the treats I serve him. He will have to swallow and gobble down everything that is delivered. Just imagine all the water I will be saving now that I don?t have to flush the toilet every time a take a pee. slave swallowed every gushing mouth full! Im not finished yet slave, open your mouth wide. Do you see it? See it coming? Open your mouth and taste your new life as my toilet slave….omg, you are a pathetic freak. You swallowed every last disgusting morsel! Now wipe your face clean and lick my asshole clean bitch. INCLUDES: TOILET SLAVERY, TOILET FETISH, TOILET HUMILIATION, ASS LICKING, ASS WORSHIP, ASS HUMILIATION

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First swallowing piss, then licking my asshole

Ingrid Frost Movie Update: First swallowing piss, then licking my asshole

While I’m sitting on my „Joy Rider“ chair, I pee right into the slave’s mouth. My hot stream hits my human toilet and he’s swallowing all of it – just like I demanded. Now I’m ready to get some real pleasure. The slave has to lick my asshole now – and he better prepares for a long session so I can really enjoy it – that’s just what I expect of him!

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