Shitting after the Disco Night

Shitting after the Disco Night

I was making yesterday party. We danced until we smoked the feet. Of course we amused us! What did you do? Nothing! You have only one task as a toilet. Mouth open and wait until I have to shit! As these slaves dog in the video! He gets the whole portion shit from me directly in his stupid mouth. Definitely tastes good my shit after Disco Night! Before I trampele with my Disco Pumps around on his face with longtime facestanding and kicking. This was extremely hard for him! Next time I’ll take him to the party. Then the whole club and my Lover will use it as a toilet!

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Bad toilet

Scat Update - Bad Toilet

Our shit -eater is not in his seat as Miss Jane and I urgently need to use the toilet. He hid his feeding bowl, so we could not shit there. Now we are extra run to the toilet and see how he sits on our toilet bowl. Something doesn’t. I’m going to chain him in the future or need to replace! This time he is still used, from both of us. At first his mouth must take up my shit then poops and pees Miss Jane still on top. Too much for the loser. He eats and pukes, eats again and pukes again. A very poor toilet-slave.

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So puke and shit is disposed of

Scat Movie World Update: So puke and shit is disposed of

Our toilet is down the hall, making it quite far away from our studio. My welfare and the welfare of my ladies is always the most important. Therefore we always have at least one trained servants in our vicinity, which can be used as well as toilet, if we have no desire to run down the long hall. Miss Jane had just the dog concocted to shit in his mouth, as Miss Cherrie, who was a little uncomfortable, came and was looking for a mouth to suck into it. Real handy to have such fully trained dogs. Beside it’s fun, to use them again and again. Even if we had to persuade this dog with some emphasis to ingest of the shit and puke.

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Spicy Food for us and a Mountain of Shit for Him

Spicy Food for us and a Mountain of Shit for Him

Our New Life with a Human Toilet – Update – Title: Spicy Food for us and a Mountain of Shit for Him

Yesterday night we had delicious spicy food for dinner. The food was tasty and full of flavour but i think that we ate too much. This morning two of us need to take shit and we were wishing to have the slave’s face under us in order to shit. He has received the biggest shit until now and his face was more covered than ever. Indeed it was a mountain of stinky shit, however for us it was really good and liberating to defecate the shit resulted from the spicy food all on his face.

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Training the useless piece of shit

Training the useless piece of shit

Scathas QueenDom Update – Title: Training the useless piece of shit

THE QUALITY IT’S MUCH BETTER THAN THE PREVIEW IMAGE! This faggot is really useless! Always I decide torture him he starts to scream like a bitch. He better be improving because I think destroy him in any clip that I record. Of course, after the light beating he had his reward: a considerably large portion of fresh shit of my ass. Enjoy it!

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Mistress Gaia – Sweet Day

Mistess Gaia Scat Update – Title: Sweet Day

My bitch is always hungry, today to make „sweet“ her day, I will give her straight from my mouth a chocolate with chilli and immediately after this, I give her directly from my ass, my poop in her mouth, while she is tasting this mix of flavors, she will have to masturbate herself for me

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Double view of scat delivery

Double view of scat delivery

A fantastic double camera view where we can see the expression on the face of the mistress as she pushes out a big brown sausage into her slaves mouth. The log of shit is so big that the slave cannot eat it down in one swallow. Instead he must use his fingers to carefully push and help him consume the full delivery of scat!


Scatqueens – The Shiteater Comes too Late

scat_cats_der_scheissefresser_kommt_zu_spaet_p1 scat_cats_der_scheissefresser_kommt_zu_spaet_p2 Scat Cats - The Scateater Comes too Late

The Scatqueens are Angry because their shiteater comes too late this morning. That is a fatal error and the Scatqueens are beginning to fill up his shitty mouth with two big piles of shit and two hughe loeads of vomit. Swallow all you stupid pig.

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Eat all the food I prepared for you!

Eat all the food I prepared for you!

Domestic Goddess is preparing her slave’s lunch today, she ate, chew and spit food into the bowl getting it ready for her slave. Downstairs her slave is waiting for his daily ration of food. Mistress lets him out of the cage, ordered him to kneel before her and as a good slave he did. She did squatted on the bowl, it was a bit dry so she squirted on it. Then even better she lets out some of her brown soft shit into the bowl, she mixes it and orders her slave to eat it all.

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Ultimate Toilet Torture

Ultimate Toilet Torture

That is the sickest thing I’ve ever seen. I shit and shit and shit so much shit in his dirty mouth. Then he gets the command to chew everything and compl. swallow! Well done slave! The best toilet I had previously 🙂 That means for you that you must now eat my shit every day!

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My Cuckolded First Scat

The toiletslave gets a big fresh turd from his Mistress Isabella

You can understand also that my cuckolded slave do a big travel to be my toilet, and it was also the first time for him!!! Great wc, great slave! We do not know at the beginning if he can do it but he try and he do it…

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Taking a Shit after Party

Taking a Shit after Party

friday night and we have been at the Disco. We have arrived home drunk and after a while in the living-room, we have gone to the bed. Still in the night, I have woken up because i needed to take a shit into the slave´s mouth before back to sleep.

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Scatqueens – Let me Eat your Shit

The pile of shit still is looking out of the mouth of the toilet slave. Now its time to chew and swallow. Finally Domi wants to poop. The second heap of shit is nice, soft and creamy. He can swallow without chewing. Both Mistresses still puke now in its mouth. Several times, the slave has to swallow the vomit. And now he licks up the snot from the tissues. Then he get a thick snot of Kimi. Wow, such a great booger she puts slowly on his tongue. Then he close his mouth to chew the booger, he enjoy the salty taste on his tongue. Highlight!!!

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Public toilet humiliation presents TOTAL DIARRHEA!

This office lady takes her regular visit to the public human toilet. She doesn’t know it, but this is a brand new slave and he is about to be introduced to toilet slavery in the most extreme way possible! She has a upset stomach and has a bad case of diarrhea which squirts out like acid onto into his mouth…

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After having ordered to my bitch to lick soles and heels of my shoes, and having allowed her to sniff my ass, I cover her whole face with my divine and soft shit. Then, I excite my slave by rubbing her pussy and nipples …

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175.3 Step SHITTING

And now… the best of this video 175, boots‘ fetish, nipple torture, kicks, scat, pissing! I do not cut my clips, all in sequence, let you see it! My slave is at the second experience of scat and it is not easy! This video is very beautifull

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Scatqueens and the Scateater Day1 Part1 Movie Update: Scatqueens and the Scateater Day1 Part1

The perfect toilet slave for the two lovely Scatqueens is our Scateater. In the first part he gets his first big pile of shit in his mouth. But first of all the Scat Ladies spit at him and in its mouth roughly. They laugh as the toilet slave jerks and humiliate him totally. Incidentally, the Scatqueens now pull up their spit and spit it out with full force into the slaves mouth.
If there
any other toilet slave who think they can serve the Scatqueens and eat up completely their shit, should send an application out of our members area.

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Schoolgirl’s newest ass bitch – Mr. Bailey

Mandy Flores Movie Update: Schoolgirl's newest ass bitch - Mr. Bailey

FEATURING: slaveray I have my teacher now ass humiliated and he?s about to get his first experience as my toilet bitch. In the bathroom I have set up a toilet where he will lay down under the bowl. This is his life now, serving me as my toilet. The view is amazing and so will be the treats I serve him. He will have to swallow and gobble down everything that is delivered. Just imagine all the water I will be saving now that I don?t have to flush the toilet every time a take a pee. slave swallowed every gushing mouth full! Im not finished yet slave, open your mouth wide. Do you see it? See it coming? Open your mouth and taste your new life as my toilet slave….omg, you are a pathetic freak. You swallowed every last disgusting morsel! Now wipe your face clean and lick my asshole clean bitch. INCLUDES: TOILET SLAVERY, TOILET FETISH, TOILET HUMILIATION, ASS LICKING, ASS WORSHIP, ASS HUMILIATION

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First scat Jordan

Mistress Isabella Movie Update: First scat Jordan

This is the first scat of one slave named Jordan. Try do be a toilet-slave it is not easy, you se a lot of clips with slaves used to be a wc but the reality is different. Jodan is a mentalist and fetish slave who for devotion try to be my toilet. Let you see the first time when a true slave is doing uman wc.

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First swallowing piss, then licking my asshole

Ingrid Frost Movie Update: First swallowing piss, then licking my asshole

While I’m sitting on my „Joy Rider“ chair, I pee right into the slave’s mouth. My hot stream hits my human toilet and he’s swallowing all of it – just like I demanded. Now I’m ready to get some real pleasure. The slave has to lick my asshole now – and he better prepares for a long session so I can really enjoy it – that’s just what I expect of him!

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Intensive Erniedrigung auf der Toilette

You are a random guy I picked up at a bar the night before. I brought you back to my place for the night. I thought would end in me getting off. However, when we go back to my place I wanted you to go down on me. You politely tell me that you don’t go down on women you had just met. This really disappointed me causing my domineering side really kicked in. I drugged you and decided to teach you a lesson. You awake the next morning, tied up…

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The Power of Scatqueens Ladies P1

The Power of Scatqueens Ladies

Scatqueens-Berlin – Update

The Power of Scatqueens Ladies – Update

Such a big pile of shit is right now deep in its toilet mouth and stucks. Whats going on with my living toilet? Lady Amy sticks her feet in the pile of the shit and my toilet slave begins to lick clean, ok, and now he must bite off a pice of shit and chew, ok, and now swallow, ok, that goes. not bad, but now, whats going on, Lady Grace has to puke, open your toilet mouth quickly litte toilet slave.


Eat and be grateful

Today I prepared some new toys for my slave! First he is bound to the cross and gets the ball pillory with spikes in it, then he is allowed to feel my nice nipple clamps with heavy weights. Then I treat his cock and balls with hard beats and candle wax. After a while his whimmering is boring to me, so I prepare a nice meal for him. He has to eat my shit out of a dog bowl. After he starts vomiting, I take a cone and put it in his mouth to feed him further with scat and pee. So eat and be grateful!

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Quality check for the maintenance man

Today I arrived at one of my rooms to check, if the slaves clean well in there. As I enter the corridor, I see a guy, who was never there before, cleaning the floor. So I ask him, who he is. He tells me, that he is the new maintenance man. I think he does his job not very well, so he needs to be punished! In suffering some hard kicks and beats he was allowed to show me his maintenance skills at his best. Then I shit a huge pile of scat on the ground in front of him and spread it out it with my high heels. Then he must clean the floor and my heels with his tongue! Repeatedly he started vomiting, but there was no mercy – I asked him to clean the floor with his tongue again. I think, he will never forget this quality check made by Lady Chantal!!!

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On his knees, this slave receives my special gift directly between his trembling hands. It ‚a very special moment for him, a moment that he will never forget, as a sacred rite in his path to absolute submission to my Sacred Desires and to my Wills. A truly devoted human toilet.

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I’m holding my shit all morning, but now I can finally free me! I waited to be able to cover the face of shit of this abortion of nature. A beautiful avalanche of diarrhea is the best thing that this piece of shit could ever dream!

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Pee, Vomit and Crap for the Toilet

Lady Elaise pees into a big cup and commands our slavetoilet to drink all. After that I shit a pile ointo his mouth. With the chain whip and other cruel toys, we convince him to swallow all. Now Miss Jane shits into his mouth too. Lady Elaisa completes the mess and vomits onto the slave. Now he has enough food from us and it will take some time, until we can use him as a toilet again…

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Eine Toilette muss Pisse, Kotze und Scheisse schlucken

Lady Elaisa pisst einen Großen Becher voll und befielt unserer Sklaventoilette den auf ex zu schlucken, anschließend scheisse ich dem dummen Sklaven noch einen dicken Haufen direkt in sein Maul. Mit Kettenpeitsche und anderen schmerzhaften Spielzeugen überzeugen wir drei die Toilette alles ordentlich wie es sich für einen Toiletten-Sklaven gehört zu schlucken. Nun muss auch Miss Jane scheissen und gibt den Sklaven der noch mit den ersten Haufen kämpft einen Nachschlag…

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(S)cat Woman P3

(S)Cat Lady lässt sich schön ihr Poloch sauber lecken von diesem Sklaven, bevor Sie ihn in die Toilette führt, wo ich schon warte, um ihm die dritte Portion in sein Maul zu scheissen. Dann kotzt er auf einmal.

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(S)cat Woman

Hier bin ich wieder unterwegs und treffe mich mit Lady Nicole und einer Freundin von Ihr. Sie ist neu und wird dem Sklaven noch ins Maul scheissen. Aber zuerst ist Lady Nicole dran, Sie pinkelt dem Toilettensklaven in seinen Mund und beide rotzen oben drauf.

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Dem Lecksklaven ins Maul geschissen

Dem Lecksklaven ins Maul geschissen

Lady Angy hat schon länger die Schlüssel und kann den Sklaven so wie heute überraschen. Sie ruft kurz vorher an und sagt dem Toilettensklaven wie er auf Sie zu warten hat. Als Lady Angie den Raum betritt kniet der Sklave auf dem Fussboden mit gesenktem Kopf. Lady Angie lässt sich heute verwöhnen und der Sklave muss zuerst ihre Füsse sauber lecken, dann ihre Muschi und ihr Poloch. Und als Sie gerade dabei ist es sich selbst mit dem Umschnalldildo zu machen, da muss Lady Angy plötzlich mal groß und scheisst sogleich dem Lecksklaven in sein Maul.

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Scat und Pee Abfüllung durch drei Ladys

Ich trinke mit meinen Mädels bei einem kleinen Saufspiel ein Paar Gläschen Alkohol. Unser Sklave dient dabei als Spucknapf, Toilette und Tamponlutscher. Wir rotzen und pissen immer wieder in sein Maul. Als besondere Verköstigung scheiße ich und Miss Jane noch auch noch in sein Sklavenmaul. Seine kleinen Schwanz haben wir mit der Penispumpe schmerzvoll auf ein Durchschnittsgröße gesaugt damit er mal sieht wie so etwas bei richtigen Männern aussieht *lach*. Sweetbaby hätte ihm beinahe noch angekotzt, da hat der Wurm richtig Glück gehabt das er nur vier mal Natursekt und zwei mal Kaviar schlucken musste.